Finding and hiring dependable employees can be exhausting. We’ll simplify and develop a hiring process that you can count on. We work across all the banking domains across the UK, EU, MEA, RCIS, APAC

All domains across the Corporate, Retail and Islamic Banking:

  • IT Risk and Treasury including Basel, FRS, Bonds, Equities, FX, Derivatives, Trading Systems and Analytics, Capital Markets,
  • IT Global Transactions Banking : Cards and Payments Solutions including ATM, POS, Switches , e-commerce, online payments, Online banking and Mobile banking
  • Loans, lending, mortgages, cards.
  • Digital Banking, Omni-channels
  • Cloud Based Solutions for the Banking sector: SAAS ( Software and a Service) and PAAS ( Product as a Service) and BAAS ( Banking as a Service
  • Core banking software solutions
  • All technical positions: Software Developers, Programmers, Testers, Hackers/Vulnerability management.
  • Core Banking solutions
  • Anti-Money Laundering and other areas

Vacancies handled:

  • Business Development/Hunter at all levels- Direct Sales and Channel Sales professionals
  • Sales Managers, Executives at all levels
  • Account Managers/Engagements/Channel Sales/ Partners Sales
  • Pre-sales Consultants ( Functional and technical)
  • Product Managers
  • IT Personnel including Directors
  • Program Managers/Leads
  • Database Architects, Technical Architects and Administrators
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Line support
  • Developers
  • Hackers ( White and Black Box) and Vulnerability Management